This ’92 Acura NSX Tacks on a Turbo and Gets a Mean Makeover

Whereas many performance cars beg to inherit modifications—sportier springs, bigger brakes, a splash of weight-saving—the first-generation of the famed Acura NSX well… doesn’t.  It was lauded as the perfect driving utensil by many an early ’90s critics, a pure and balanced creation, and as seen by it’s latest 2017 rebirth, the sports car turned supercar is still hitting its marks. This ’92 Acura NSX, however, has been well and truly modified, now packing a turbocharged heart and a raucous widebody exterior, to the point where its 1990s origins seem unthinkable. It recently appeared on eBay and given its eye-catching looks, it’s already attracting quite a lot of attention.

Of course, the modified look isn’t for everyone, but there’s no denying this NSX turns heads. The heady Acura adds a more muscular appearance thanks to a Sorcery widebody kit, which pushes the car outwards at its corners, aided by aggressive new front and rear carbon fiber diffusers, and a new slender rear wing. Upfront, the standard hood has-beens swapped for a carbon fiber unit and the original pop-up headlights and ‘90s taillights have been traded for those from an ’02-and-newer vintage. Pair that with a set of blacked-out Enkei wheels, a vibrant red roll cage that circles the windshield like lipstick, plus a soft Satin White vinyl wrap, and it ends up looking like quite the street fighter.

Beneath the skin, the Acura NSX is said to be significantly pumped up as well. The sports car still pulls power from a 3.0-liter V6, but now with the help of a Lovefab Stage 2 turbocharger kit tucked in the back, plus the resultant custom exhaust it necessitates. Also upgraded are a new set of high-flow fuel injectors, a new heavy-duty clutch, plug-and-play tuning hardware, rear half-shafts to handle the extra power, and the addition of a Bilstein suspension. A claimed 540 horsepower at the wheels is the end result (running at 15 pounds of boost), which certainly tops the NSX’s original 270 hp engine figure, though it’s noted to be road tuned rather than dyno tested.

All in all, to some, the Acura NSX is best left untouched. To others, it’s a blank canvas in need of personal attention. To that latter crew, well… take notes, this NSX is textbook.

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